If you are an online business entrepreneur who is READY to start playing with the BIG girls of business and MASTER:

  • Selling like it's second nature to you
  • Achieving your first six figure year and beyond ($8k months+ anyone?)
  • A mindset of success no one can come CLOSE to f*cking with
  • How to put ANY idea into massive action immediately
  • Nonstop passive income generation
  • Advanced marketing tips & tricks (brought to you by a marketing GENIUS)
  • Branding that makes your brand unique and stand out amongst the rest
  • Beginners guide to Facebook ads & professional targeting
  • PR to get your biz featured a n y w h e r e 
  • Self publishing your very first book
  • Creating a sales page that does the selling for you
  • How to grow a PROFITABLE Facebook group (take it from a group at 18k members and growing)
  • Creating digital courses, e-books, and other digital products
  • Anything to do with legalities of running an online biz (rules, contracts, templates galore)
  • Goal setting that actually brings your BIGGEST goals into reality AND MUCH MORE...

What if you could...

Join a marketing genius and branding guru partnered with a master mindset coach and success strategist in a luxurious private location in Los Angeles for two day workshop where you will literally take your business not just 1 level, but more like 100 levels from where it is today?  

We're talking...  

  • Psychology of selling and how to sell without being salesy
  • Client & customer attraction
  • Sales strategies used by top saleswomen in online biz
  • How to adopt an unfuckwithable mindset
  • How to literally manifest success
  • Getting rid of anything standing in your way of success
  • Creating a vision for your life & business
  • Blasting through money limits
  • Creating more money in your business than you could EVER imagine
  • Generating passive income sources galore
  • What it actually takes to generate $50k+ months (yes, MONTHS)
  • How to get your partner ON BOARD with you in your business
  • How spirituality plays into money, business, and your success


  • Logo packs
  • Branding
  • Font packs
  • Facebook ads
  • Stock photos
  • Legal Contracts
  • Complete business automation
  • PR to get your biz FEATURED in top online publications
  • Media kits
  • Salespage building
  • Package creation kits
  • Social media growth kits
  • Digital course and product kits 

What would all this be worth to you?

Join us in Los Angeles on February 11 & 12, 2017 for an unforgettable 2 day high level mastermind & business intensive 

Who are we and why should you join us for the VIP Biz Babe Intensive?

Kathrin Zenkina is a mindset coach, success strategist, author, speaker, and the creator of the Manifestation Babe brand.  

Finding herself broke and in over $25,000 of debt just over a year ago, she has turned her life around a complete 180 degrees using the exact principles, strategies, and secrets she now passionately shares with other entrepreneurial women.  

Specializing in money mindset, manifesing, and the law of attraction, there is no way you can walk away from Kathrin NOT feeling on top of your game. She will ensure that you have everything you need and more to see the kind of results in your business that you have been dreaming of since that day you got started.  

Kathrin has personally taken her business from $0- multiple six figures in (mostly passive) income in a SINGLE YEAR and nothing lights her up more than sharing the EXACT tools so that you can experience the very same in your business.  

She holds nothing back.  

Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Success Coaching, Hypnotherapy, TIME techniques, and Emotional Freedom Technique, Kathrin is determined to see you not only succeed, but SOAR beyond your wildest dreams.

Karina Ramos is a multi business entrepreneur, marketing strategist and the owner of The Voyage Society: A Marketing Agency for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses.  

Dropping out of college, not once but twice, Karina strives to show entrepreneurs that success doesn't always follow a straight path. In the passion of always wanting more, in 2016 she made the decision to open her third company as a business consultant.  

The first business she owned was as a personal stylist and makeup artist, followed by her event planning business, which is now family owned. She had success with her first two businesses, but her heart kept searching.  

She decided to pick up a full time job as a marketing coordinator. After feeling unappreciated, undervalued and underpaid in her full time job, she said enough was enough and quit her job. 9-5 just wasn’t meant for this girl.  

With her fiance unemployed and a wedding 10 months away, she knew her only option was to make her business work. No matter the obstacles, the tearful nights, and days hunched over a computer sifting through coding, failure was never an option.  

With a six figure business in less than a year and over 50 published articles, she shows her clients that success comes after you decide that success is your only option.

What you get from joining us:

  • An entire VIP intensive to learn EVERYTHING you need to level up your business by 100 levels (yes, we are gonna claim that!)
  • A spot in our Biz Babe Luxurious Private Location in LA for 2 days of incredible business building content (address disclosed to attendees before the event)
  • Snacks, lunches, coffee, tea galore to keep you satiated through the entire 2 day event
  • Goody bag worth over $300
  • A VIP dinner with champagne included
  • Daily catered lunch buffet for both days
  • A mastermind Q&A session with Karina, Kathrin, their partners in crime, Brennan & Chris through the entire dinner to ask ANY question you may have in the entire Universe

Plus BONUSES valued over $42,000:

  • 5 Contracts- Business agreement, Confidentiality agreement, Website terms of use, Contractor agreement, Privacy Policy ($5,000 value)
  • Brand Board Template ($100 value)
  • Social Media Graphic Templates ($100 value)
  • Blog Graphics ($100 value)
  • Stock Photography packs for different industries ($1,000 value)
  • Font Packs ($100 value)
  • Logo Packs (Create your own beautiful logo) ($250 value)
  • Editorial Calendar ($250 value)
  • How to Automate your business so you can absolutely have a three day workweek ($250 value)
  • The Three Day Work Week Calendar ($250 value)
  • EXACT guide on how to open the flood gates to being published in magazines, articles and online publications galore ($5,000 value)
  • List of PR Companies that are ready to work with influencers and how to pitch them ($500 value)
  • Media Kit template and how much to charge for sponsored post and how to protect yourself legally when working with other companies WITH CONTRACT ($4500 value)
  • Trello Workflow for publishing your very own book ($500)
  • Karina's LIVE 6 week branding program ($3800 value)


  • Kathrin's Digital Course Babe, course on EXACTLY how to build your own digital course step by step ($555 value)
  • Instagram Business Babe, course on EXACTLY how @manifestationbabe grew from 0-20k followers in under 10 months ($297 value)
  • Become A Client Magnet Ebook ($44 value)
  • Spot in the February Rich Babe Money Mindset Mastery Group Coaching Program Round ($1,997 value)
  • Goal Setting Mastery (using proven NLP techniques) Masterclass ($300 value)


Karina's hourly rate breaks down to $1,000 per hour. Kathrin's hourly rate breaks down to $1000 per hour. That means you are getting $2,000 x 12 = $24,000 worth of their time. Focused on you and your brand.

Biz Babe VIP Intensive Los Angeles is currently OPEN for enrollment!

Please choose one of the payment button options below to grab your spot before we sell out!

Regular Event Ticket:

Next Level VIP Ticket Option:

*VIP 1:1 Option includes a 1:1 45 minute session with Karina and Kathrin (separately) to hone in on your unique business with custom tailored advice, consulting, and coaching. 

Your session with Kathrin will dive deep into your business mindset and make sure you're operating at your highest potential. Your session with Karina will dive deep into your marketing & branding strategy so that you're gauranteed to stand out. This is done over the Zoom platform AFTER the event. 

P.S. We don't offer 1:1 sessions to ANYONE outside of our live events! This is the only way to work with us on a 1:1 basis*

By signing up for the Biz Babe VIP Intensive, you agree to the Terms & Conditions + Pivacy Policy. 

I clearly remember the day Karina and Kathrin went live about their first Biz Babe event! The more I listened and clicked 1,000 heart emojis the more I felt a pull to get my ass there! Then the date, a day before my birthday? I truly felt like it was meant to be! Then I saw the price point and immediately old friend “ego” took over. I thought to myself, there is no way I can afford this.  

Still a day or two went by, I saw a post - something was pulling me to this event bigger than me. I chatted in a few comments with Karina and another amazing Biz Babe who was already signed up and going! This year had been a year full of change for me! 2017 was a year I got divorced, quit my job, moved to a different state! I was so open and ready, yet ego was showing up still!  

I for the very first time left my house and asked for a CLEAR sign as to what I should do from the Universe. This day was the first time I had ever asked - I went into my grocery store, and as I was leaving I took a different way out of the parking lot for some reason, and there it was!  


I saw 888, not once but twice next to each other on a huge light up sign! (The post is probably still in Manifestation Babes to this day if you do not believe me!)  

This was my sign - my "Girl this will change your life!” sign from my angels! I went home and signed up immediately! That was it, I knew I had to be there!  

I sat day dreaming about the event! I was so excited to learn about how to excel my business just as rapidly as Kathrin had!  

It was an immediate sign of empowerment for me! It was the exact way I wanted to enter a new year of my life!  

I booked a flight and flew alone for the first time ever! Independence that I never knew was in me! As I sit and write this I have chills remembering who I was less than two months ago.  

 Biz Babe was literally the KICK IN THE ASS I needed to take my life to the next level! Meeting Kathrin and Karina in person and feeling their true passion and energy is something that you can not get from a live video!  

They made things sound easy! They made it seem possible! They gave us tools, tips, tricks, guidance to take control of the online space! I left feeling as though, there is NOTHING holding me back from being my own boss!  

I left Biz Babe with connections to other woman that are indescribable! And it wasn’t even over!! Because after that we have bonuses on top of bonuses!! Two 6-week group training’s to keep you consistent!  

This event sets you up for SUCCESS! It’s not a one day event where you are motivated, then you leave and head back to reality and lose your motivation! This is an investment that continues for months!  

After arriving back home within a matter of a week, I put my two weeks notice in at my job. I went all in on me! I knew I was set up with not only tools for success, but support of others!  

I am forever grateful to these two amazing women for giving me the confidence and tools I needed to go all in, rebrand, and fully believe in me! They bring such a balance of “Girl Boss”, “Mindset” and “Woo” that no one else can replicate!  

Today, not even two months after Biz Babe, I am full time in my own business - I am all in with every training and tool provided! I have taken MESSY FREAKING ACTION towards my dreams! I have told my ego to “sit down and shut up”!  

I STOPPED the people pleasing train, - and took a step back to remember who always comes first in my life - me!  

After spending a decade in the salon and spa industry I Rockstar Reframed my own purpose! My purpose has always been to help women see their own beauty - I just am being lead down a different path to deliver my message.  

I am Kaitlyn Elizabeth - A Motivational Mindset Coach, Rockstar Re-framer and the owner of Embodiment by Kait. I have a true PASSION to help women love themselves EXACTLY as they are and kick their limiting beliefs off stage!  

Would I have been this confident in my branding, or this focused on my ideal clients before Biz Babe? NO WAY!  

Biz Babe is a life changer, a massive shift, and I can only imagine where I would be had I not looked for my sign that day. Had I not gone through with the purchase.  

If I have learned nothing else this year, I have learned you have to invest in yourself FIRST! And I promise you the Universe will reward you in incredible ways! Take a leap of faith on YOU babe! You will not regret it! 

-Kaitlyn Elizabeth, Motivational Mindset Coach, www.embodimentbykait.com, @embodimentbykait