How To Manifest Your Dream Life Without The Hustle or Grind

You want to live a better, more exciting and more fulfilling life. However, you're under the impression that it's going to take blood, swear & tears to succeed. Thats a HUGE misconception. Allow me to show you another way to the life of your wildest dreams. Spots are limited, so save your spot RIGHT NOW. 

In This Free Training, You’ll Learn:

The Biggest Misconception About The Law of Attraction And How To Apply The Truth

How To Define What You Want With Crystal Clarity In Less Than 2 Minutes 

How To Identify Your Most Crippling Limiting Belief That's Holding You Back From Manifesting With Ease & Reframe It In Seconds


Kathrin Zenkina

Kathrin is a master manifestation coach, #1 best-selling author, speaker, and owner of the 7 figure brand, Manifestation Babe. She has now helped over 100,000 women design and manifest their dream lives all without the hustle. Now, she's excited to share her secrets with you too.

"Kathrin takes manifestation and breaks it down into actionable steps. None of this fluff that gets you nowhere. She removes the mystery and shows you how to be intentional and actually create what you desire. 

Taking Kathrin’s programs has shown me my true power and helped me tap into a deep confidence and knowing that keeps me centered and aligned with my purpose and has skyrocketed my faith and confidence. I’ve studied manifestation from several teachers and under Kathrin’s guidance I’ve let go of a business that didn’t serve me and am now making 5 figures each month in an aligned business that allows me to serve from my zone of genius in just a year. 

You will 10x your investment if you do the work."

-Jordan Duvall (Brand Strategy + Success Coach)

May 30, 2018 // 10am Pacific

Ready to drop the hustle & grind?