I know what you're thinking:

Is this even possible? 

Is this real?

Can I do it too?

And if I can... HOW can I manifest this too? 

Here are my short answers: Yes, yes, yes, and allow me to show you how.  

2 years ago, I wrote myself a check. A fake check, that is. I designed and printed out a fun little "pretend" check off of my computer and wrote down $10,000 to be manifested within the next 30 days.  

I dated the check that same date --- as if I already had the money ready to be deposited into my bank account.  

I taped that check to the wall next to my computer at work. I slapped it right next to my vision board, and thought nothing else of it.  

I continued to build my business, visualize money pouring into my life from all different avenues, and worked at my 9-5 per usual.

A month later, as I was getting ready to go part-time at work and switch offices, I noticed something -- THE CHECK! That month, my business brought in over $10,000. The month prior? Not even $2,000. That was a 500% income increase.

The only thing I did? I wrote myself a freaking check! 

So, if it worked once, it will work again, right? 

The following month, I wrote myself a $20,000 check. That month? I manifested $20,000.

Next month? $40,000

And then? $50,000.

Following month? $70,000.

And you get the point now.... 

As you saw at the top of this page, the last check I wrote to myself was a $200,000 check.  

Okay, so this one took 9 days longer. 39 days, and the Universe decided to add a $46,000 bonus for the wait.  

$246,000 in 39 days.  

How does this keep happening?

I work with a Universal Law called "The Law of Attraction." You may have heard of this law from watching the movie or reading the book, "The Secret". 

Basically, anything you put your mind to you can manifest into your life. All you have to do is decide on your outcome, believe that it's possible for you, see it as if it's ALREADY DONE, surrender the timeline, and RECEIVE. 

It sounds like magic, and sometimes it really feels like it is. 

But there's a science to it. Just like the Law of Gravity, the Law of Attraction is a Universal Law that's always on, always present, and has been around for longer than you have. 

Anything you put your mind to, focus on, and believe... IS possible for you. 

Now do I believe you can manifest over $200,000 in 39 days too?

Yes and no.

Allow me to explain....

You see, if you've never seen that kind of money in your life, it will be hard for you to conceptualize attracting such a large amount in such a short amount of time.

This is why I recommend manifesting money in LEVELS. Or, smaller increments. 

Remember how I shared that my first check was written for $10,000? That's because at the time I wrote it, there was no way in hell I could wrap my mind around anything more. Not that it's not possible for me... but because I just couldn't believe it. 

Whatever YOU believe is possible for you, WILL manifest with the magic checks that I'm about to provide you with. Its just how this law works...

So, I'm gifting you the EXACT SAME checks I used to manifest over $200,000 in just 39 days....

And... giving you a QUICKSTART guide on how to use the checks with the Law of Attraction included in your download.

Because I know you have questions.

You're still so curious HOW this works.

And you're probably eager to get started. 


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