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Rich Babe is an incredible course to up level and shift your money mindset! As I went through the course, I realized everything I learned about shifting my mindset actually spills over into every part of life! Over the six weeks I:

  • uncovered the stories I had learned about how to relate to money - from my parents, society and experiences throughout my life
  • looked at what rules I created for earning, having and receiving money and how it limited me in my business and coaching
  • gained clarity on my purpose and the direction I want to take my professional and personal life journey
  • connected with like minded, ambitious women which was hugely important to me to level up my peer group
  • met up in person with Rich Babes local to me :)
  • increased my confidence in myself, trust in the universe and ability to manifest...YAY!

One really amazing thing I didn't expect was getting my husband getting involved too! Together we jointly manifested over $35,000!  

Kathrin is wise beyond her years and a fantastic coach and teacher! At times I felt like she was reading my mind, speaking directly to thoughts and fears as they came up for me. If you want a course with easily digestible information and actionable steps to change your relationship to money then Rich Babe is for you! If you want to make immediate changes to your mindset and to your life then take the jump - join Rich Babe! Connect with other inspiring women! Take a stand for yourself and for the life you know you deserve to and are willing to create!  

-Ashley DePrizio (

I enrolled into Rich Babe because I started following Kathrin months ago & have been blown away by all her courses and programs. It's a big investment so I was really hesitant at first and dabbled into a few cheaper money mindset courses. After realizing I still had a lot of work to do I decided to commit fully with Kathrin and do the Bali Retreat and this course. Can I honestly say that her prices are so freaking reasonable for the value that you get from her. The value that Kathrin provides is fricken priceless and her way of teaching makes the content so easy to understand and implement.  

I have uncovered so many thought patterns that were holding me back that I would not have identified if it wasn't for Kathrin. The program made me realize why I was sabotaging my success in my weight loss business and now I have more clients interested in my work then before & I'm booking in calls with ease! Rich Babe has changed my life. Kathrin has changed my life, she is definitely my favorite money mindset coach.  

If you are here you know you need to work on your money mindset. Abundance is waiting for you and THIS is the course that will get you there. Please don't see it as a cost, see it as an INVESTMENT in you. Investing in yourself is the most valuable thing in the world. Start putting yourself and your life first and just do it babe! You won't regret it, the course is the best one out there! Just take the plunge and the Universe will catch you <3  

Barbara Orban, Weight Loss Mindset & Emotional Eating Expert (

I would recommend Rich Babe in a heart beat. This program has helped me uncover so many limiting beliefs I grew up with not only about money but on how I see my own value and worth, and that for me has been the biggest take away. 

Now I won't say I manifested a shitload of money, because I'd be lying, but my anxiety towards money and debt is much lower since starting this program and I did get a really nice tax 3x what I had imagined I'd be getting. I've started being more honest with myself about my financial situation and being more positive that money will come one way or the other. I have only taken one other course on money mindset and what I preferred or liked more about Rich Babe is that it went DEEP! Rich Babe focused on the core of why our money mindset needs to shift and what money blocks we may be experiencing. 

Rich Babe wouldn't be an amazing program without Kathrin behind it. She is the perfect mix of stern tough love and cheerleader! She tells you to cut the bull shit but also guides you along the way and is so resourceful. And I love that she doesn't provide cookie cutter answers, like budget or just stops at "believe money will flow to you," she goes above and beyond that! And it feels like you're talking it out with a friend not a strict money teacher.  

If you're hesitant about signing up for Rich Babe, don't be!!! It's only scary because money can be scary, but not once you go through the program. Plus, what do you have to lose if it helps you manifest more money into your life? 

-Astrid Delgado (