• Swiping left for way too long?
  • Tired of the painful yawn-inducing dating scene?
  • Ready to stop attracting douchebags more into themselves than you?
  • Still third-wheeling your friends' dates?
  • About to snap if one more family member points out that you're getting older and still single?
  • Convinced you'll never find Mr. Right because he's already taken?
  • Liver tired from drinking your way through wayyy too many romantic comedies on Netflix?
  • Eyes hurt from constantly rolling them at other happy couples?
  • Beyond confused on what men REALLY want from you?
  • Ready to be pursued like you're the last collectible Star Wars action figure on the market?


Two years ago, I found myself in an unfulfilling relationship that I believed I was stuck in for life. It was already 6 years deep, and I was convinced this is going to be as happy as it gets.

As a practicing manifestor and believer in the Law of Attraction, my intuition led to a digital Tony Robbins program where I was asked to get crystal clear on my ideal mate. Even though I was already in a relationship at the time, I decided to go ahead and make my "ideal mate list." I thought nothing more of it at the time, except for two things: My current boyfriend represented nothing on this list & I felt even more unhappy about it. 

Two months later, I decided to end the relationship and explore the "single life". I KNEW that being with my soulmate meant: EXCITEMENT. PASSION. FULFILLMENT. and LIBERATION. I wanted to explore more of this and I was ready to call it into my life.

Not even 7 days later, I found myself on Tinder as a complete joke. My best friend convinced me to have some fun and get back in the dating scene, and I figured a couple laughs on Tinder wouldn't hurt.

After swiping left for 3 days straight on men I went to HIGH SCHOOL with (ugh), I came across Brennan's profile. He was the ONLY man who didn't send me a message (WTF? What's wrong with you dude?). I pursued HIM. Something completely atypical for me. A couple of exchanges and texts later, I couldn't shake the feeling that I am talking to my future husband. I just KNEW in that moment Brennan was my soulmate.

After a couple of weeks and several AMAZING dates, I found myself taking a bath one night and reading a book where the author mentioned she manifested her soulmate (now, husband) on Tinder. I almost dropped my phone with my jaw wide open when I listened to my intuition tell me to go read my IDEAL MATE LIST I wrote just 2 months prior.

Brennan matched my list to a T. 

I knew in that moment, I was responsible for manifesting my dream man into my life. I manifested the feelings I wanted to feel, the experiences I wanted in the relationship, what I wanted him to look like (over 6'3" and muscular AF, duh!), and even the career I wanted him to have. The Law of Attraction blew my mind once again.

2 years and a romantic engagement in Bali later, Brennan and I are ready to help YOU have a similar success story. 

In the last two years of my work as a master mindset and Law of Attraction coach, I've been asked COUNTLESS amounts of times to help women manifest THEIR SOULMATE into their lives. 

I didn't realize how many frustrated single women were out there.


And with that.... Brennan and I are coming together to bring you the very FIRST Manifestation Babe love course, Swipe Right on Mr. Right.

  • Bring your soulmate into your life
  • Manifest the sexiest, happiest, and most fulfilling relationship of your dreams
  • Stop the crazy dating cycle and start focusing on your DREAM man
  • Create a partnership where you feel like your most divinely feminine self
  • Learn what you actually WANT in a man and relationship
  • Set high standards for yourself and allow the Universe to match a man to YOUR standards, not the other way around
  • Tap into the male brain for REAL and figure out what men REALLY want (Brennan will fill you in!)
  • Release any and all resistance around manifesting a relationship
  • Discover the stories and beliefs that may be holding you back from being a vibrational match to your soulmate
  • Create mental, emotional, energetic and physical space for the man to come into your life
  • Release + forgive ex's, past relationships, and traumatic dating experiences from your past FOR GOOD


Swipe Right on Mr. Right is the most unique manifesting course you'll ever take in your life. Not only will you become an instant vibrational energetic match to your soulmate in just a matter of 4 weeks, you'll also find yourself respecting, appreciating and loving yourself on a level you never before thought was possible.

In this course, we are going to be healing deep wounds related to past relationships and clearing them out + forgiving them for good. You'll feel so free, clear, and ready to breathe again, that this benefit alone has life changing effects. 

You'll also learn that holding extremely high standards for men and relationships in your life is NOT a bad thing. Instead of settling for what's out there, you'll actually attract EXACTLY what you want and need. 

You can have it ALL, so why not actually have it all?!

What makes this course even more unique is that not only will you learn from a TOP manifesting expert (with 2 best-selling books, live events, and highly sought out coaching programs on the matter), but you'll also be learning from Brennan O'Keefe -- a certified NLP master practitioner, master success coach, and of course, the love of my life. Brennan will bring the male brain into the course so that you can stop driving yourself insane wondering..."What do men REALLY want?!"


I spent years of my life as a “serial boyfriend” and I'm thrilled to help others discover the underlying decisions and behavior that lead to unsatisfying partner relationships. 

As an NLP Master Practitioner, my mission is to help you asses what is drawing you into the wrong relationships, and help you define what it is “that you want”. Without clarity of desire, you can spin into the well documented cycle of “hes cute, but…”. This is not a healthy foundation for a relationship, and most people know that! 

However, many individuals do not realize, or accept how both partners are at cause for their deflating love life. Things like Love Language, Communication, and Compromise — these are all elements to every successful relationship, that we all KNOW! But uncompromising CLARITY on the forces driving relationship success or failure, you may find yourself stuck in a revolving door of “hook up culture”. 

Lets reshape that story, and build a vision — one that makes you EXCITED to date, build the vulnerability necessary for lasting love, and construct a mindset of communication that will enable you and your partner to flourish.


In Module One, we will be getting crystal clear on why you're ready for a relationship + who you want to attract as your IDEAL MATE. We want to make sure that you don't get into a new relationship for the wrong reasons or attract someone that you do not vibe with at all. In this module, you'll also figure out what you value at the relationship level so you can start setting your new standards for what you'll tolerate in your new relationship.

In Module Two, we are going to clear up some past conditioning when it comes to your beliefs around love, relationships, and your partner. This is where you'll release some major resistance that may be holding you back from finding "THE ONE." In order to attract the partner of your dreams, we must first create space for him--on a spiritual, energetic, physical, mental, and emotional level. Prepare to finally release ALL your bullshit junk getting in the way.

In Module Three, you will discover what you value and love about yourself. Because you can't attract what you don't already see and believe in yourself, this module will set you up for vibrating at the best and highest energetic frequency to bring your soulmate into your life. Mr. Right wants an independent woman who loves herself on a deep level. We aren't looking for our other half here... We are looking for the other WHOLE who complements OUR whole.

In Module Four, you will be opening yourself up to the dating scene and setting standards for what you will accept in a relationship. Super important to identify as your phone starts blowing UP. Here you will also learn more about what men REALLY want and what makes them tick. Ever went on a date and weren't sure about the person sitting across from you? You'll learn more about using your gut intuition to tap into the energy of your date and know for a fact whether your time here is worth it or not. With your new clarity, you'll finally KNOW.

Brennan and I will be doing WEEKLY live Q&A sessions for any questions you have that come up during the course. We WANT you to succeed and manifest the man of your dreams, and we want to make sure you fully understand the course content + process. Here you can ask us anything and everything related to the course.


The course begins on January 5, 2018.

The 4 week long course content is pre-recorded and released to you one module at a time in the members only section of the Manifestation babe website. You have unlimited access to each module and each module can be replayed unlimited amount of times.

Upon enrolling into the course, you will be added into our Facebook group where our weekly live Q&A's will be taking place during the duration of the 4 weeks. 

Everytime we release a new module, you will be notified by email AND in the Facebook group.

There will be weekly homework assignments (because we want you to take away as much as possible from the content!) available to you as well.

All related course resources (like workbooks, worksheets, PDF's) will be available to you in the members only section.


What can I expect from this course?

You can except to not only majorly transform your mindset around manifesting the soulmate of your dreams, but actually take the necessary action steps in making your dreams a reality. Prepare for a life-changing shifts to happen during the duration of the course!

What format does the course come in?

The course is held fully online available to you through the members only section of the Manifestation Babe website, as well as in our private January class Facebook group.

When does the course start?

The course begins on January 5th. The cart will close on January 1st at midnight.

I'm super busy! What if I don't have time right now to commit to the course?

No worries! You have lifetime access to all the modules and you will have unlimited replays. Even if you don't start until a later date, you can always come back to the content and engage with the Facebook group when you are ready!

Can you guarantee specific results?

Results will only come if you're willing to do the work. Because we can't guarantee that you'll be following along the process + all homework to a T, we can't guarantee results. We are unable to guarantee that you will find your soulmate at the end of the four weeks due to obvious factors such as the free-will involved with another human being. 

However, we can promise you that we will deliver our best tips & advice to the best of our knowledge and abilities, and you will experience major shifts as a result. As success stories of the same exact manifesting process, we speak from experience.

What if I don't like the course? Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the course, we do not offer any refunds. However, if after the first week of the course, you find it's not for you, turn in your week one homework to hello@manifestationbabe.com no later than January 12th, and we will allow you to put the money you have invested toward any other Manifestation Babe digital product (live events and coaching packages excluded).

What if I have additional questions before I enroll?

No problem! Please email us at hello@manifestationbabe.com and we will gladly answer any questions that remain.

Do you offer payment plans? 

Yes! We love payment plans. All payment plans are available to your view once you follow the payment button link at the bottom of this page.

Click on the payment link below to get started on the best manifesting project you'll EVER work on!


*Cart closes on January 1, 2018*

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