Are you...

  • In need of a coach but don't quite have the budget to hire one?
  • A crazy personal development junkie?
  • Someone obsessed with all things manifesting, law of attraction, money flow activating, achieving "unrealistic" goals, mindset work, and energy woo-woo type shit?
  • Obsessed on another level with creating your dream reality?
  • Looking for a tribe that feels like home?
  • Addicted to investing in yourself but also want to save thousands of dollars?
  • Ready to become the BEST, most confident and most unfuckwithable version of yourself?
  • Building an business biz and need all the guidance you can get?
  • Someone who LOVES VIP treatment and all things exclusive?

You're invited to join the exclusive VIP MB Tribe

(Your virtual coaching experience)

Where you can get VIP access to an all new MEMBERS ONLY library of Manifestation Babe trainings, masterclasses, monthly coaching calls, courses, audios, workshops, hypnosis recordings, workbooks, ebooks, and guided meditations.

I decided to make this easy on you. 

I decided that it's time you have a HUB for all the mindset, manifesting, meditation, online biz, and money things you're already obsessed with. 

I've also realized that so many of you are looking for 1:1 coaching, but aren't quite ready for that investment yet.

Girlfriend, if you're ANYTHING like me, you've spent thousands of dollars tapping into information across the internet and quite frankly, across the world.  

All the books, courses, ebooks, workbooks, workshops, guided meditations, hypnosis audios, online business resources... they add up.  

They add up fast.  

So I'm giving you a solution.  

I'm giving you a solution for your bank account, your business, your brain, your body, your soul, and your sanity.

Instead of creating a new course, ebook, or training and putting it up on the site as a separate entity...  

I created a member's club where you can access most Manifestation Babe trainings, coaching, and resources for an INSANELY LOW price.

The VIP Tribe is currently closed, please sign-up for our waitlist to receive future updates!

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Content keeps growing in the Tribe, but to give you a little taste of what's inside so far...


  • Unfuckwithable Confidence (Shy? Introverted? Afraid of What Others Think? This Was Made For You)
  • Anxiety Is Your Gift (Think Anxiety Is Keeping You From Succeeding? Think Again!)
  • Goal Smashing Like A Bossbabe (Learn How To Involve Your Subconsious Mind In The Goal Achieving Process)
  • Unfuck Your Mind (Mastering The Mindset of Success)
  • 5 Figure Months (The Practical & Spiritual Strategies of Creating 5 Figure Months in Online Business)


  • Tapping Away Money Resistance
  • Tapping Away Anxiety
  • Tapping Away Physical Pain
  • Tapping For Blasting Through Upper Limits
  • Tapping For Releasing Negative People  


  • Owning Your Worth (And Stopping The People Pleasing Cycle)
  • Wealthy Babe (Step Into The Wealthiest Version of Yourself)
  • Self Love + Self Acceptance
  • Fully Trusting + Surrending In The Universe 


  • Unleash Your Creativity
  • Meet Your Higher Self
  • Manifest ANY Amount of Money
  • Access Positive States INSTANTLY Through Anchoring 


  • Money Manifesting Blank Checks
  • Affirmation Phone Backgrounds
  • Desktop Backgrounds


  • 7 Figure Earner Morning & Evening Routines
  • Limiting Belief Blaster Workbook
  • 21 Day Manifesting Journal 
  • "The Science of Getting Rich" Ebook


  • The Confident Livestreamer Guide
  • The 6 Figure Facebook Group Masterclass
  • Dream Client Attraction Masterclass
  • Copywriting For Magnetic Selling Masterclass


  • Starting January 2018, each month members will get access to a LIVE group coaching call with Kathrin Zenkina not available anywhere else
  • All coaching call recordings will live inside the Tribe
  • Creating Your First 6 Figure Year (January Call)

+ NEW content added in on a regular basis. 

Take it from this content queen to keep on adding & adding to the VIP club. My seasoned Manifestation Babes know to expect endless resources on how to take your life from where you are now... to not only where you want to go..  

But your DREAM LIFE.  

That's my commitment to you, as your coach, mentor & guide.

Upon signing up for the VIP MB Tribe, you will receive an email AND a confirmation page with your log in instructions. Each member is given a unique user and password to enter the Tribe.  

Once inside the Tribe, you will see access to a VIP Manifestation Babe Facebook group available ONLY to VIP members where you can bond, mastermind, and get to know the other likeminded VIP babes.  

You will also see all current content ready to access inside of the VIP MB Tribe Dashboard. Get excited to explore everything inside, and know that more is always coming.  

I will be adding in NEW courses, ebooks, workbooks, cheat sheets, video trainings (recorded live in the VIP group), guided meditations, hypnosis audios, etc on a regular basis throughout your membership.  

As long as you stay a member, and keep your VIP status in good standing, you will have LIFETIME access to it all!

Why Should I Become A Member?

You will have lifetime access to most of my BEST content from here on out.  

Any new course, ebook, training that I come out with will not have its own home on my website. Instead, I will be uploading it into the club. 

This way, you are saving literally THOUSANDS of dollars, and keeping your sanity alive.  

I know what it's like to access 20,000 trainings you've purchased over the years, and I want to make this super easy on you!

My 1:1 coaching rate is in the high five figure per month range now. The VIP Tribe is the best place to "hire" me as a coach with no commitment, no high fees, and access to a live monthly group coaching call --available to no one else outside the Tribe.

Are There Any Risks To Becoming A VIP MB Tribe Member?

The VIP Tribe is currently closed, please sign-up for our waitlist to receive future updates!

* By signing up for the VIP MB Tribe Membership, you agree to the Terms & Conditions + Privacy Policy.